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The moon is full tonight...

I think I'll tie you to the bed
Leave you there
Sip my whiskey
Tease you
Toy with you

I'll take my time
Have you suck me
Touch your breast
Your soft body
Fuck you for awhile

I'll caress your mind
Rub my thick metaphors
And similes as wet as your pussy
Between that buttery, bouncy back door

Alliterative posturing aside...
I won't bother with an Oxford comma
When I shoot my load on your belly, thighs, and face
I won't cum wrapped in a third-person pronoun, either
Just you


The Goodnight Kiss

My tongue traces the outline of your ear, whispering
You turn to look at me
I take your hand and bring it to my body

You stare into my eyes

Reaching down to unzip me
Dropping to your knees

You suck my hard cock into your wet mouth

I pick you up and carry you to the bedroom
I undress you, slowly... lay you on the bed

Bathing you in kisses
My tongue pushing inside you
I tease you
Ease into you
Tasting your lips

You look at me, eyes glazed

Pinned beneath as I fuck you
Crossing over into that sweet spot
Where resistance turns to surrender

Your face... pressed against my shoulder

Smeared with saliva and sweat

I lean down to kiss you
You cry out as I pull out
Showering you in cum

Your body trembling

Goodnight, my love


Good Day

Today was a good day...

Up early
Coffee, black
Eggs and sausage
The yolk dripping down my chin

Sky hiked up
Clouds pushed to the side
Sunlight streaming in
Caressing my aching body
A cool breeze rustling through the trees



An old story I wrote. It's pretty short.  Anyway... I was listening to stuff like this when I wrote it.


- Henry as an old man
- Gretta in her early 30s
- Henry as a young man in his 30s

An old man sits in a chair by the window. The room is cold and dark. It's a small room. Not much furniture. The dust is thick. Papers are scattered on the floor. Whiskey in hand, he sits and watches the falling snow. He looks to the table. He reaches over and grabs a faded picture. He stares at it, then closes his eyes.

The scene changes now. The snow has stopped falling. The room is alive and bright with flowers and smells. The old man watches his beautiful young bride preparing dinner. The front door opens and a young Henry enters the room.

Hi, baby

Young Henry
I have to work again tonight. This makes the fourth night in a row.

Another shift? Will you have time for dinner? I made your favorite.

Young Henry
No, I can't. I just came home to get a change of clothes.

Must you go back to work, Henry? Every night it's been.

Young Henry
I know, but... we need the money.

She walks up to Henry and cups his face in her hand. She smiles.

Can't you just stay tonight. We don't need the money. We'll find a way.

He kisses her cheek and walks to the door.

Young Henry
This will be the last night, I promise. Keep it warm for me?

He smiles and walks out. The door closes behind him.

I love you, Henry

Scene changes.

Spotlight on Gretta as she goes about washing the dishes.

The old man slowly walks to her side and into the spotlight.

I loved you. I never told you that much, though... did I? I never told you that you were the best thing to ever happen to me. I didn't realize how lucky I was. All you ever did was love me. All I ever did was spend time away from you... working. Always working.

The last night? No. I worked every night... all those years, and I was too tired when I got home to spend time with you. I never asked you about your dreams. I never asked if you were happy. You were always there for me. Why did you stay? You deserved better. We never realize what we have until it's gone - until it's too late.

And now...

Henry walks back to his chair and sits down.

My life has been so empty without you in it.

When you died... I think I did, too. I wish I'd been there for you. So many regrets.

The snow begins to fall again outside the window.

53 years we were married...

The room changes back to a cold and dark state. Henry is alone in the room.


He drops his glass and dies. Gretta's spirit appears. She smiles.

Henry's spirit rises out of the chair.

He takes her hand in his as they walk off into the darkness.

Fade to black



The Housekeeper

Saturday afternoon. Sunlight streams through the blinds.

The doorbell rings. She’s here.

Dark skin. Full lips. Delicious curves.

“Hello, Sir”, she says.

“I’m glad you came”, I reply... inhaling every inch of her. “You look nice."

She smiles and makes her way into the room. “What would you like me to do, Sir?”, she asks. What do I want her to do. What do I want. I want to put her over my lap and spank her. I want her face down in the sheets … a fistful of her hair in my hand.

What do I want her to do. I want her to... breathe.

I pour myself a drink and settle into the couch.

She gets down on her hands and knees to clean. She knows that I’m watching her, studying every little movement. The slightest glimpse of exposed skin thrills me.

The harder she works, the more she sweats. The more she sweats, the more visible the outline of her body. I am transfixed by the fullness of her breasts, the jiggle in her ass.

Her clothes hug her body perfectly. I resist the urge to bend her over.

She finishes. We approach the front door. She stands, purse in hand.

“Thank you”, I say.

“Are there any other tasks I can take care of for you while I’m here, Sir?”, she asks.

I hand her some money.

“Well... there is one task”, I say, “but... no; it’s ok.”

“Yes, Sir?”, she asks.

A smile crosses my face.

I laugh. “It’s fine. I appreciate your help today."

I turn to reach for the door.

“Wait”, she says... dropping to her knees.



The black, burnished skin
Smooth to the touch
A model of form and function

Feel my fingers roam, caress
Navigating their way across your body
An electric current, vibrating in tune
That's it. Spread wide.
Reveal that hot little G-spot