If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Gorgeous.  Via Camille Marotte.



Loved this (as I did Sonder).  Short clips that make you think.


Best Songs of 2014 (so far)

It's a work-in-progress, but... here's my current playlist.  Bookmark it here.


A public service announcement.  You're welcome.


Some random videos that I think are just so beautiful...


Balance is Key

I was asked, recently, how it's possible to be as sexual as I am... and yet still be a kid at heart. I'll be honest... the question threw me a bit.  Aren't we supposed to be multifaceted?  Isn't that a good thing?   I'm a red-blooded adult male.  I enjoy sex and love the female body.  That shouldn't be a shock.  I also adore Where the Sidewalk Ends and was in tears watching the love scene in Up.  Let me spin it another way.  If a girl loves Disney, does that mean she's incapable of enjoying erotica or dropping the f-bomb now and then?  Of course not.  She's human.  I've said this quite a bit (it's a favorite phrase), but we are the sum of our parts (or should be).  I am many things.  I'm a nice guy, but I can be a dick at times.  I'd like to think I'm highly self-aware and reasonably mature, but I can be childish and ignorant.  I seek out viral videos that make me smile (dogs welcoming soldiers home, random acts of kindness)... but I also watch porn (although not that often) and a movie like Raid 2 hoping to see an epic fight scene.  Yin/yang. Life itself is all about balance.  Darkness and light.  Hot and cold.  Everything in harmony.