Content Creation

In the following weeks and months to come, The Writing Buddha will be focusing on personal experience, as well as a new endeavor into content creation. Though, we’ve always been in the field of content creation, we’ve decided that we would like to make our services more readily available for other websites or blogs to utilize. Through experience working with Celebrity Rehab’s main therapist, Bob Forrest, to having written creatively and professionally for the past decade, content creation appears to be the most obvious direction towards the future of our website.

As the director of creative content for Mindful Marketing, one of the tasks I’ve been given has been the continual upkeep of several drug treatment websites. Through a plethora of personal experience coupled with an awareness into the perspective draw of addiction as a topic of interest, we’ve decided to push ourselves to offer diverse content creation; both for entertainment as well as SEO compliance.

You’ll hear the expression that “content is king,” in regards to content creation, which implies that anybody can write a super packed blog post or webpage about drug addiction; stuffed with keywords and clever suggestions to bait the audience. Not everybody can create content that’s SEO friendly while still maintaining an element of integrity towards the original idea of writing being an art.

Our content creation services are offered for any topic of interest, though we specialize in topics such as meditation and recovery, personal experiences in active addiction, struggles and discussions of sobriety, personal finance, and relapse. The creative element of our writing is suggestive in our topics; our unique frame of thought transmits messages of hope and understanding that can only come by giving the best of both worlds in content creation. The first world is an extensive history of drug and alcohol addiction; the second couples our experiences in addiction with our experience in creative and professional writing. Though many companies offer content creation as a part of their internet marketing, we offer our services completely separate so that there is little to no conflict between the two parties. Our content creation will compliment your SEO, as well as offer a unique understanding and insight into addiction and recovery. Our content creation services serve as a way to reach your audience, whom we feel has the right to the best creative content available for your blog.

Content creation is more than itemized keywords crowded into an unoriginal idea to drive traffic. Content creation should excite your readers to return to your website, so if they haven’t decided then and there to make a purchase or commit to a service then they’ll remember you in the future when they are ready. You paint the walls in your house because it’s functional, you choose the colour because it’s personalized. Creating content is the same idea.

Whether you’re an established website with a marketing team or a one man or woman blog trying to get your name out in the world, no job is too big or too little for The Writing Buddha. We write as a way to express and to reach; a connection through a method of communication that is hollow and impersonal. Talk to us about content creation for you.